Construction work started for expansion of Dieng and Patuha geothermal plants

Construction work started for expansion of Dieng and Patuha geothermal plants Dieng geothermal field, Indonesia (source: wawa-sisi.blogspot)
Alexander Richter 11 Jun 2020

With the financing secured, PT Geo Dipa Energi is pushing forward with construction activities for its Dieng Unit 2 and Putuha Unit 2 geothermal power plant expansion projects expected to run through to 2023.

Following the receipt of a USD 300 million loan package from the Asian Development, Indonesian state-owned geothermal company PT Geo Dipa Energi (GDE) has announced immediate work to start on the construction for the expansions of the Dieng and Patuha geothermal power plants.

GDE President Director Riki F Ibrahim said that the physical development for the Dieng Unit 2 and Patuha Unit 2 plants will be carried out in 2020 until 2023.

“The project is very strategic for the development of geothermal investment in Indonesia. As well as playing a role in supporting the government’s efforts to attract private sector investment in this sector, “Riki explained.

With this development, it is planned that GDE will increase the capacity of the Dieng and Patuha geothermal power plants to 220 MW from the current capacity of 110 MW.

“Additional capacity is planned for 55 MW for both Dieng Unit 2 and Patuha Unit 2 PLTP,” said Riki.

Both projects have been prepared since the fourth quarter of 2019, with the process of preparing funding, project planning, and preparing procurement documents.

Riki explained, Patuha 2 and Dieng 2 are National Strategic Projects that provide environmentally friendly electricity in the Java-Bali network. In addition it will reduce the level of CO2 emissions by more than 700,000 tons per year when compared to power plants sourced from fossil energy.

“Then it can reduce oil imports equivalent to 35 million Bbl of BBM for 25 years,” he explained.

In addition to developing the Dieng and Patuha Unit 2 PLTPs, Geo Dipa is also currently developing a 10 MW Small Scale Dieng PLTP. This PLTP is targeted to operate by the end of 2020.

Dieng’s small scale geothermal power plant is included in the 2017-2025 EBTKE Geothermal Road Map, even including the Priority Monitoring Activities of President Jokowi’s Staff Office which is always monitored to increase the installed capacity of geothermal power plants in Indonesia.

Source: PanasBumiNews