Contact Energy plans for four wells to be drilled at Tauhara, New Zealand

Ohaaki Geothermal plant of Contact Energy, NZ (source: SmokeySteve,
Carlo Cariaga 14 Aug 2019

Contact Energy has announced plans of drilling four appraisal wells in Tauhara, New Zealand to aid the investment decision for a geothermal power station in the region.

In a media release by Contact Energy, they have announced plans of drilling four appraisal geothermal wells in Tauhara, New Zealand. The results from the wells will be used to come to a final decision on whether to invest on a renewable power station in the region.

Large-scale geothermal development is only one of the ways in which Contact Energy is hoping to achieve their goal of helping to decarbonise the energy sector of New Zealand. With their world-class geothermal capability, they have successfully lowered the cost of geothermal since their last build, and are hoping to apply the same principles for the planned Tauhara geothermal power station.

“We remain focused on delivering on our transformation programme to reduce controllable costs, and seek opportunities to capture value from scale efficiencies through brownfield geothermal development and by leveraging our customer systems and lean operating model to improve returns” said Contact Energy Chief Executive Dennis Barnes.

Source: Contact Energy