Costa Rica names Miravalles field after geothermal pioneer Dr. Manieri Protti

Costa Rica names Miravalles field after geothermal pioneer Dr. Manieri Protti Miravalles III geothermal plant of ICE, Costa Rica (source: Grupo ICE)
Alexander Richter 10 Jul 2017

Costa Rica's Electricity Institute (ICE) has honoured geothermal pioneer Dr. Alfredo Mainieri Protti naming the Miravalles geothermal field after him. Dr. Mainieri Protti was a driving force in the geothermal development of Costa Rica.

Reported last week in Costa Rica, the country’s national utility company Costa Rican Electricity Institute (ICE) has announced the decision to name Campo Miravalles in the province of Guanacaste in honour of the pioneer of geothermal energy in Costa Rica, Dr. Alfredo Mainieri Protti.Alfredo-ICE-geotermia

The change was implemented last Friday, in an act in the geothermal field, with presence of his relatives and his former colleagues.

Dr. Mainieri Protti led geothermal research in Costa Rica since the 1970s, which allowed the development of the geothermal projects Miravalles I, II, III, IV and V; Las Pailas I and II, as well as the future Borinquen I and II geothermal plants.

Dr. Alfredo Mainieri Protti was born in Puntarenas in 1934 and died in the capital of Costa Rica in 2013. One of his slogans was to develop electrical projects in coexistence, recovery and preservation of the environment.

In the statement, ICE recalled that Mainieri was a profound advocate for the socio-economic, labor and infrastructure well-being of the communities in the geothermal fields developed by ICE, such as Miravalles and Guayabo and Fortuna de Bagaces.

Source: El Mundo