Costa Rica: Start of 55 MW Pailas II geothermal plant expected in March 2019

Construction at Las Paillas II geothermal plant, Costa Rica - January 2019 (source: Grupo ICE)
Alexander Richter 28 Feb 2019

The new 55 MW Pailas II geothermal power plant is scheduled to start operation in March 2019, as reported locally.

In a recent article,Carlos Roldán, a researcher at the Costa Rica Technology Institute describes that Costa Rica wastes the opportunity to generate more and better energy, both for its own use and to export it to Central American neighbors.

Therefore, its project “Law of Use of National Energy Resources” seeks to eliminate several limitations for energy exploitation, including geothermal, through a referendum.

Even the new drilling and execution techniques allow for an increase in geothermal generation, without affecting the parks and minimizing environmental damage, according to Javier Orozco, ICE’s director of Planning and Electrical Development.

Costa Rica has 875 MW of geothermal potential, of which it exploits less than a quarter, 23%, since current regulations limit the exploitation of this energy with little environmental impact.

ICE has scheduled to start the operation of the new 55 MW Pailas II geothermal power plant in March 2019.

The other geothermal plants are Miravalles I, II, III and IV and Las Pailas I, with a combined generation of 207 megawatts.

One megawatt generates enough energy for about a thousand homes.

Of the national energy matrix, 8% is generated by geothermal energy, which uses underground steam to power the turbines of a power plant, often at a competitive cost.

Source: La Republica