Dalkia to extend geothermal district heating in municipality near Paris

Dalkia to extend geothermal district heating in municipality near Paris Aerial view of Villeneuve-Saint-Georges (source: Clicsouris, CC BY-SA 2.5/ commons.wikimedia)
Alexander Richter 23 Sep 2019

French company Dalkia, a subsidiary of EDF, has signed a contract to expand the geothermal district heating network in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges in the greater Paris area.

The local syndicate for heat production and distribution in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges and Valenton, in the Southeast of France’s capital Paris, has just signed a public service delegation (DSP) with Dalkia, a subsidiary of EDF, to extend and operate its district heating network. The project plans to extend the network from Villeneuve to Valenton.

Initiated in the 1980s in Villeneuve-Saint-Georges, the network already heats 4,000 homes and municipal buildings in Villeneuve. The objective is to extend it to Valenton where 2,000 additional homes should be connected, starting with the Lutèce-Bergerie district, in addition to the city’s facilities. Work will begin in 2020 with the creation of six kilometers of network and substations. This extension should double the geothermal production. In a second step, the network should also be extended to Villeneuve-Saint-Georges.

“Beside the environmental gain related to the development of geothermal energy, this extension of the network will reduce heating costs by 25% for new buildings connected while guaranteeing costs over time. The competitive prices of the heating network will thus reduce by half the number of households in a situation of fuel poverty, ” says the city of Valenton.

Source: 94Citoyens