Design work for geothermal plant on Dominica, Caribbean are ongoing

Drilling rig on project site, Dominica (source: Enorca)
Alexander Richter 7 Sep 2017

Engineering and Design work for the planned geothermal power plant on Dominica in the Caribbean is ongoing and is expected to be ready in a few weeks.

A recent article by IPS news provides additional details on the geothermal development efforts in Dominica in the Caribbean.

In a statement, Prime Minister Roosevelt Skerrit noted that environmental and social impact assessment for the geothermal project is ongoing in the Roseau valley.  “Every effort will be made to ensure that adverse impacts on the communities and the environment will be mitigated,” he said, adding that land owners in the area can also expect to be compensated for use of their property and support will be provided to residents who occupy lands to ensure that they are not left worst off.

As we reported before the engineering work on plans for the plant are progressing and are expected to be finished in the coming weeks.

The plant would be selling power into the local Dominica Electricity Company (DOMLEC). Negotiations on the power purchase agreement are ongoing. Based on regulation of the Regulatory Commission, DOMLEC is not authorized to add to the cost and will have to ensure that the lower cost of electricity can be passed through to the consumers in Dominica.

The geothermal plant is expected to have a rather positive impact on businesses and stimulate investments by others establishing new businesses.

Dominica founded an own Dominica Geothermal Company, following a decision by the government to run the geothermal project as a solely government owned project.

Source: IPSnews