Details published for geothermal exploration permit for site in Guadeloupe

Details published for geothermal exploration permit for site in Guadeloupe Bouillante geothermal power plant, Guadeloupe (source:
Alexander Richter 2 Nov 2015

As part of a public consultation process for the application for a geothermal permit in Gaudeloupe, documents of the application have been published.

Details emerge on the application for a geothermal exploration permit for Guadeloupe, French territory in the Caribbean, as we reported earlier.

As part of the public participation process for the award of exclusive licenses for research projects of high temperature geothermal deposits in Guadeloupe, the following was posted on government website.

“In accordance with Article L120-3 of the Environmental Code the issue of an exclusive license high temperature geothermal deposits research is accompanied by the implementation upstream of a public participation process. This procedure is laid down in Article L120-1-1 the environmental code. It provides for making available to the public by electronic means of the following documents for 21 days minimum.

This update publicly available is in addition to existing publishing processes. For the record, the exclusive permit applications research geothermal deposits at high temperatures, when they were declared admissible, are being published in the French Official Gazette for their call for competition.

1. Documents available online

Exclusive license application research geothermal deposits at high temperature of Vieux-Habitants (Guadeloupe), filed by the GEOTHERMIE DE GUADELOUPE SAS.

  • Letter of application
  • 100 000th card
  • Impact statement
  • Technical Summary

2. Documents available on site

The application package, including the impact statement is available on site at the premises:

Ministry of Ecology, Sustainable Development and Energy, under the direction of security of supply and new energy products, exploration and production of hydrocarbons Office Tower located Sequoia, 1 Place Carpeaux 92800 Puteaux,  Executive the environment, development and housing (DEAL) of Guadeloupe, Service Risk, Energy, Waste (Pole Energie Vehicles) – BP 54 97102 Saint-Phy Basseterre cedex.

Source: Government of France (in French)