Drilling for Törring geothermal project in Bavaria to start early 2021 with permit in place

Drilling for Törring geothermal project in Bavaria to start early 2021 with permit in place Drilling rig at Kirchweidach, Bavaria, Germany (source: Herrenknecht)
Alexander Richter 22 Jul 2020

The developer for the planned Törring geothermal power and heat project near Taching in Bavaria, Germany has received approval for its drilling permit, with drilling expected to start in early 2021.

Reported locally, Geoenergie Bayern/ Projekt Törring GmbH & Co.KG has received the necessary drilling permit for its geotheraml project in Taching, Bavaria.

At the beginning of October 2019, the company submitted an application for approval of the main mining law operating plan for the construction of a drilling site and four holes (two doubles). “After nine months of intensive examination, the application was approved by the government of Upper Bavaria, Mining Authority South Bavaria, after examining all the major public issues,” says a pleased geographer. Bernhard Gubo, project manager and managing director of Geoenergie Bayern Geoenergie / Projekt Törring GmbH & Co. KG.

Geoenergie Bayern Projekt Törring GmbH & Co. KG is a company founded specifically for this project. The general partner of the company is Geoenergie Bayern Beteiligungen GmbH, based in Munich, whose management was already involved in the geothermal projects Kirchweidach and Garching an der Alz.

When asked, project manager from Geoenergie Bayern, Bernhard Gubo, said that many public sector bodies or competent authorities were involved in the review. He therefore refers to the main content of the decision: “The approval of the requested work by the mining authority in southern Bavaria is the result of a long and intensive planning phase prior to the mining law application. When planning the drilling site and the four deep drilling, only recognized specialist companies with relevant experience were used. For Geoenergie Bayern Projekt Törring GmbH & Co.KG, only companies were commissioned that already have successful references in the region. ”

The drilling work has now been approved in principle in the mining law main operating plan. Before the drilling can begin, however, the applicant must submit a large number of documents and expert reports in further special operating plans.

Gubo expects drilling to start in early 2021. The approval confirms that the project is legally compliant for public law reasons at this location. This confirms the very good choice of the location for a hydrothermal geothermal project, which, to put it simply, is about tapping into the abundant flowing thermal water available at a depth of around three kilometers. The water, which is heated to between 120 and 130 degrees Celsius by geothermal energy, is to be pumped to the surface so that it can be used to generate electricity and heat.

Source: Chiemgau24