Drilling for Törring geothermal project to kick off early 2021 in Bavaria, Germany

Drilling for Törring geothermal project to kick off early 2021 in Bavaria, Germany Taching am See, Bavaria, Germany (source: commons/ wikimedia, Flodur63)
Alexander Richter 18 Oct 2020

German developer Geoenergie Bayern has received a permit for drilling for its planned geothermal power and potential heat project near

At the end of August 2019, geothermal developer Geoenergie Bayern Projekt Törring GmbH & Co.KG applied for a preliminary building permit for the planned geothermal project at Haus / Tengling in Bavaria, Germany. The project is located in the East of the State of Bavaria, not far from the  border to Austria.

Local news report that after about twelve months of processing, the application was approved by the Traunstein District Office at the end of September, after examining the relevant public concerns and following the adoption of the preliminary mining law main operating plan. When examining the application, many public agencies or competent authorities were involved.

The managing director of Geoenergie Bayern Projekt Törring GmbH & Co. KG, Dipl.Geogr. Bernhard Gubo, confirmed the positive preliminary decision. He also explained the main contents of the decision:

“The positive decision of the application for the examination of the planning law issues for a geothermal power generation plant at the Haus / Tengling location is the result of a long and intensive planning phase prior to the application. … However, this permit does not yet entitle the holder to construction, as, for example, issues relevant to building regulations have not been applied for or examined. ”Geoenergy Bayern wants to wait and see whether they can find what they are looking for with the boreholes before submitting the building application to the approval authority in the Traunstein district office with the precise system planning submit.

“The preliminary building permit that has now been issued stipulates that geothermal-based electricity generation can be approved in the requested scope for reasons of building planning law,” said Gubo

The result of the official inspections is clear: the location is well suited to generate geothermal electricity. After the approval of the main operating plan under mining law, this positive building permit once again confirms the very good choice of location for a geothermal project.

“The planned boreholes have already been approved by the Southern Bavaria Mining Authority after several months of testing, ”confirms Dipl. Geogr. Bernhard Gubo. He also emphasizes that neither impermissible noise emissions, vibrations, nor impairments in the natural balance or in the groundwater resources are to be feared during the pre-approved construction project.

“We are sure that we will be able to design the project in essential points in the interests of the municipality of Taching am See and the city of Tittmoning, in order to ensure direct benefits for the municipalities over the decades. We are not only thinking of district heating for surrounding towns and supraregional district heating networks, but also of the coming, not insignificant trade tax payments. ”

After completion, the geothermal power plant will generate an average of 40-50 million kilowatts of electricity each year (net feed-in), which means a CO2 saving of up to 30,000 tons compared to conventionally produced electricity. This could supply several thousand households with renewable electricity, regardless of the weather and with base load capacity.

“In addition to the almost completed geothermal system in Garching an der Alz, the construction of the geothermal system in Kirchweidach and the project in Kirchanschörnig, which is about to begin, the project in Taching am See again emphasizes the enormous importance of geothermal energy for sustainable energy generation in Chiemgau and Chiemgau, respectively in the district of Traunstein. But of course we also want to win heating customers to whom we would give priority to electricity generation.

The Geoenergie Bayern Projekt Törring GmbH & Co. KG will start implementing the project in the coming year.

Source: Chiemgau24