Drilling of second well with positive results at St. Vincent geothermal project

Drilling of second well with positive results at St. Vincent geothermal project Drilling rig on site at La Soufriere, St. Vincent, Caribbean (source: Stv Online)
Alexander Richter 4 Nov 2019

Results from drilling of second well at St. Vincent geothermal project in the Caribbean are promising with tests to now confirm temperature and flow rates.

As reported locally last week, drilling of the second well for the geothermal power project in St. Vincent & The Grenadines has seen some positive results.

Drilling for the well took 83 days and first stimulation work shows a temperature of 215 degrees Celsius, sufficient for a geothermal power plant.

Further testing is required to estimate concrete production capability. The initial well reached a depth of 2,800 meters and temperatures likely over 250 degrees Celsius, but with no permeability the well collapsed in the last 1,000 m section. It was then a decided to not repair yet move on in a different angle

Testing equipment required for testing flow rates and temperature will arrive on site in two to three months. Results will determine the technology choice for the planned geothermal power plant. The project sees 10 MW as sufficient for the project. The minimum target is an output of 3.5 MW per well. The project plans to drill three production well and one reinjection well.

Plant design will be worked on after test results, with a tender for the plant equipment to then be initiated. Construction will then take approximately 18 months.

The project expects to finish the drilling program by December, 2019, repair Well Number One by February, 2020, start testing in March 2020 then go to the market for plant design by August/September 2020.

“Plant construction can start late 2020 or early 2021 and that is the plan if everything goes well,” according to Ellsworth Dacon, project director.

Project Manager Thorleifur Finnsson said they will continue to inject the well with water for about a month to open the fractures.

Source: Searchlight St. Vincent