Drilling on new geothermal project to start in Taitung, Taiwan

Drilling on new geothermal project to start in Taitung, Taiwan Coastal stretch, Taitung County, Taiwan (source: flickr/ Ken Marshall, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 26 Aug 2022

Taiwan Cement group is to kick of drilling for a 1 MW geothermal power project at Hongye in Taitung, Taiwan in September 2022.

The Taiwan Cement Enterprise Group, which has been transformed into TCC Green Energy Group, has cooperated with CNPC to develop geothermal power generation in Taitung, Taiwan. Drilling will be drilled at the end of September. It is expected that a 1 MW geothermal power plant will be completed by the end of 2024 and can generate 1,000 kWh of electricity per hour . In one year, it can generate about 8.76 million kWh of electricity, which is equivalent to providing electricity for 2,400 households.

TCC combined geothermal power generation in September to drill for 2 years to generate electricity and promote the Green Energy Hot Spring Tourism Park

TCC Chairman Zhang Anping announced at the shareholders meeting in May that TCC will transform from gray to green, from a company with a high yield rate to a company with technological growth. After the energy business, the next focus of the Group is to develop green energy.

TCC Green Energy, a subsidiary of TCC, not only develops geothermal power generation, but also plans the “Hongye Valley Green Energy Hot Spring Park” together with Yunpin International, which will start trial operation tomorrow (27th), inviting 26 Taitung local brands to enter the site to create sustainable development A new base for tourism, and a large number of more than 70% of Yanping Township residents are employed to jointly enhance the tourism resources of Yanping Township where the park is located. The birth of the hot spring park has also increased many employment opportunities for Yanping to enter the tourism industry. 100,000 tourists.

Zhang Anping said, “Hongye Valley Green Energy Hot Spring Park” is the first geothermal power generation base in Taiwan that combines sightseeing and local symbiosis. Currently, with the assistance of the CNPC drilling team, TCC Green Energy will launch a 1,700-meter “green energy” project at the end of September. The production/reinjection well” is drilled. It is expected that the geothermal power plant will be completed and turned into commercial operation by the end of 2024. The power generation capacity will be about 8.76 million kWh in one year. cycle.

During the drilling period from now to March next year, the park also launched the “Hongye Valley Geothermal Drilling Exhibition” for environmental education. For the first time in Taiwan, the drilling site was opened for the public to visit and learn more about geothermal power generation and renewable energy.

Hongye Valley is a hot spring of sodium bicarbonate spring quality. It has 1 hydrotherapy pool, 1 paddling pool, 2 hot spring pools and a tree hole game area. The entrance of the spring area uses the newly developed UHPC ultra-high-performance concrete building material. To create the design of the welcome entrance, the hot spring area adopts the Qingshui model as the zoning plan, and the plant landscape is planted with Taitung native eggplant trees, evergreen cypress trees, bamboo forests, and three different varieties of maple trees, so that there are different places from early autumn to late autumn. Scenery style.

Taiwan Cement said that coming to Hongye Valley to soak in the soup is like a real geothermal power generation environment classroom. Visitors can see the current drilling progress of the geothermal power plant up close, and feel the hardships behind the active development of green energy in Taiwan.

There are 10.33 million tourists a year in Taitung County, and many of them go to Luye High Platform near Yanping Township to experience hot air balloons and Yanping to participate in the Bunun experience.

According to TCC, it took about 2 years for TCC Green Energy and Yunpin International to rebuild the Hongye Valley Green Energy Hot Spring Park with a low-level development model that is friendly to the environment. There are exhibitions and guided tours, as well as 26 selected and sold stores, of which 23 are local in Taitung, and more than half are local stores in Yanping Township, such as Abs Bunong Traditional Costume Studio, Yizhi Unique Embroidery and other brands.

In addition, Yunpin also uses the concept of local creation to establish the “Hongye Collection” booking platform, and cooperates with local homestay operators to bring online booking customers to the homestay industry. In the future, the park will introduce Yunpin International’s concierge services to connect with local homestay operators. It also looks forward to welcoming more international tourists to Taitung County after foreign travel is lifted.

It is worth mentioning that TCC Green Energy participated in the Taitung Yanping Geothermal Power Generation Investment Briefing Conference in November 2019, and after signing the contract with the township office in August 2020, it was approved by the local tribal consultation and consent voting meeting in September 2020. , and actively carry out the Yanping geothermal development plan that combines hot spring tourism, geothermal power generation, agricultural drying, local creation, and local cuisine.

During the preparation period, TCC Green Energy and Yunpin International took the initiative to initiate local care, and jointly organized Slow Food Star Search, Taoyuan Elementary School Land Art Children’s Creation, Hongye Elementary School and Taoyuan Elementary School Green Energy Course, and Hongye Elementary School Cement Handmade Workshop and other activities. The Taiwan Cement Enterprise Group has worked together to build the southernmost “Hanben Ocean Post Station” in Yilan to the “Taiwan Cement DAKA Open Ecological Circulation Factory” located in the cement factory in the northernmost part of Hualien. Its tentacles extend to the “Red Leaf Valley Green Energy Hot Spring Park”, the hometown of the Bunun people in Taitung. TCC continues to care for Yihua East, and will continue to promote the coexistence and co-prosperity of the industry and surrounding tribes in the future.

Source: UDN