Drilling results exceed expectations for geothermal project in Schwerin

Drilling rig on site in Schwerin, Germany (source: Daldrup & Söhne AG)
Alexander Richter 4 Mar 2019

Local utility Stadtwerke Schwerin in the Northeast of Germany reports that results from the drilling of its first well for a geothermal district heating project exceed results both in quantity and temperature. A second well is now planned.

As reported today, the city utility of Schwerin (Stadtwerke Schwerin) in the Northeast of Germany has completed their first production well in the geothermal field Schwerin-Lankow. Yield and temperature were well above expectations.

After almost three years of preparation, the gigantic drilling rig on the geothermal field Schwerin-Lankow started to drill the first well last October. Initially, the municipal utilities that commissioned the drilling had assumed a capacity of 150 cubic meters per hour. With 200 cubic meters per hour, the result of the now completed drilling now exceeds all expectations.

But not the results are not only better in terms of quantity of output, but alos temperature is well above the initial calculations. Instead of 52 degrees Celsius, the drilling experts from Daldrup & Söhne encountered 56 degrees Celsius of hot water. The background to the pleasing result is a conveying depth of almost 1,300 meters. Originally, the gigantic drill was planned to drill only 1,237 meters deep into the ground. After this first success a second well is now on the plan.

While the approval documents are currently being prepared, the workers are working on the construction of the underground supply systems and preparing the grid connection for district heating. If everything goes smoothly, the injection well is to be started at the end of this year or at the latest by the beginning of 2020, a spokesman for Stadtwerke Schwerin told ZfK.

Source: ZfK