Drilling rig on the way to Montserrat for third well of geothermal project

Site of Well MON-01, Montserrat, Caribbean (source: Montserrat government)
Alexander Richter 1 Aug 2016

The drilling rig to be drilling the third well for the geothermal project in Montserrat in the Caribbean is currently on the way from the Philippines and is expected in mid- August.

With the geothermal drilling rig on its way from the Philippines, drilling for the third well for the Montserrat geothermal project in the Caribbean is expected to start as soon as it arrives.

Currently preparations for the drilling are under way south of the Week’s area above the Cork hill main road almost under St. George’s Hill, as reported by a recently held pres conference by the Governor.

“I anticipate that the drilling rig group will arrive on the island sometime mid-August around about the 20th,” he said. It is then expected that drilling for the well will start soon thereafter.

Source: The Montserrat Reporter