Drilling rig ready to drill for 25 MW extension of Ngawha geothermal plant, NZ

Drillmec HH series drilling rig on site in Iceland (source: Drillmec)
Alexander Richter 11 May 2018

The drilling rig by Iceland Drilling for the 25 MW expansion of the Ngawha geothermal power plant has arrived on site and is ready to drill four wells on the site in the Far North of New Zealand.

As reported earlier this week, work on the expansion of the Ngawha geothermal power plant in the Far North of New Zealand is about to start with drilling to start this month.

Developer and operator Top Energy aims to double the current plant’s 25 MW capacity with an investment of NZ$176 million (around USD 124 million). With the expansion, Top Energy aims to boost energy security and the reliable supply of power for the Northland region in the North of New Zealand.

The HH-220 Drillmec drilling rig arrived in late April and took about 6 days and 60 truck loads to the site of the project. The drilling rig is owned and operated by Iceland Drilling Company (IDC) from Iceland.

The project aims to drill four wells, two production and two re-injection wells at a depth of 1,750 meters, with a diameter of 100cm at the surface, reducing to 22.5 cm at the deepest point, so the New Zealand Herald in its reporting.

Source: NZ Herald