Drilling to start of 2nd well for Baturraden/ Gunung Slamet geothermal project

Alexander Richter 14 Sep 2018

Geothermal development company PT Sejahtera Alam Energy (SAE) about to start drilling its second well for the Baturraden/ Mt. Slamet geothermal power project in Central Java.

Reported yesterday from Indonesia, geothermal developer PT Sejahtera Alam Energy (SAE) is about to start drilling the second well for the Baturraden / Gunung Slamet geothermal power project in Indonesia, according to PT SAE Director Bregas H. Rochadi.

“The preparation of the area will be completed in the coming days. Before the start of drilling an inspection by the government is required and that is planned to take place on September 17,” he said on the project site of PLTPB Gunung Slamet Project, Paguyangan, Regency Brebes, Central Java.

The second well will be drilled on well pad F, which is south of the the well pad H where the first well was drilled.

Bregas reports that “Well Pad H” is at an altitude of 1,900 meters above sea level while “Well Pad F” at an altitude of 1,400 meters above sea level. The first well drilled for the project reached a depth of 3,477 meters.”

According to him, the “Well Pad H” well in the Mount Slamet geothermal power plant project is the deepest “geothermal” well drilled in Indonesia so far.

He said “Well Pad F” which would soon be drilled was actually the main target in the PLTPB project because from the surface study was the center of geothermal wells in Mount Slamet so the opportunity to produce the earth heat was greater.

Regarding to the drilling plan of the company for “Well Pad F”, PT SAE President Director Daniel Moelk said it was targeted to reach 3,500 meters. “It is expected to be completed in 60 days,” he said.

He said he was optimistic that drilling on “Well Pad F” would be far better than “Well Pad H” He estimates that the electricity produced from one well in the “Well Pad F” ranges from 6-7 megawatts.

On “Well Pad F” the company could be drilling four to six wells into different directions.  The Mount Slamet PLTPB project in 2022 is expected to generate 110 MW and by 2026 up to 220 MW.

Source: Antara News (video piece of the reporting, can be found here)