Drillmec MR-8000 drilling rig for sale in Turkey

Drillmec MR-8000 drilling rig for sale  in Turkey MR-8000 Drillmec 1080HP drilling rig by Bordrill (source: Bordrill)
Alexander Richter 13 Dec 2019

Turkish drilling company Bordrill has announced plans to sell its Drillmec MR-8000 drilling rig.

Turkish drilling services company Bordrill has announced plans to sell one of its MR-8000 drilling and workover rig which was manufactured by Drillmec (Italian Made) in 2008. Rig No: BD#-7

  • The rig is built in 2008 and overhauled & recertified @ December 2019.
  • The complete inventory and pictures of the rig are given in an overview (linked below). And brief description is as given below.
  • The rig is in Turkey (Aydin city) as hot stacked, ready to immediate Mobilization and Drill.
  • If required, minicamp and some containers can be included into package at additional cost.
  • The rig can be seen in Turkey whenever you want.
  • Asking price: USD 3,250,000 as Ex-Works / Aydin City / Turkey
  • Offer is subject to prior sale.

The brief description of the rig on sale:

  • MR-8000 mobile drilling rig manufactured in accordance with API 4F standards by Drillmec in 2008 (re-certified & refurbished in December 2019) and it was designed and manufactured for drilling oil, natural gas, underground gas storage and geothermal wells.
  • Drilling Depth: 4000meter w/4 ½” OD DP, Rating: 1080HP & 8000 meters workover capacity
  • Top Drive Type: Drillmec Made Hydraulic Top Drive HTD250
  • Mast Type: Two-Section Telescopic Mast, Mast Height: 40,2meter, Hook Load: 440.000lbs w/10 lines,
  • Stand Pipe Pressure Rating: 5000psi, 1ea x Stand Pipe Line & Manifold
  • Substructure: Telescopic, Substructure Height: 5,2meter, Substructure Simultaneous Capacity: 200 ton on rotary table + 113 ton on set back.
  • Drawworks: Drillmec Model MR-8000, Power Rating: 1080HP, Max. Line Pull: 53000lbs, Drilling Line    Diameter:1 1/8”, Auxiliary Brake: Parmac V80
  • Drive Group Engine: 2ea x CAT C-15, HP Rating: 2ea x 540HP,
  • Generators: 2ea x CAT C-15, Generator Rating: 2ea x 400kWA, Voltage: 400V, 50Hz
  • Rotary Table: Drillmec, Table Opening: 27 ½”, Max. RPM: 200
  • Mud Pump: 2ea x Drillmec 9T1000, HP Rating: 1000HP at 150spm, Pump Engine Type: 2ea for each mud pump x CAT C18 Acert
  • Total Mud Tank Capacity: 1344bbl, Trip Tank: 40bbl, Shale Shaker: 2ea x MI-Swaco Mangoose PT, Mud Cleaner: MI-Swaco Mangoose PT, MI-Swaco D-Sander / D-Silter, D-Gasser: Swaco Vaccum D-Gasser Horizontal
  • Other Auxiliary Equipment: Dog House, Dog House, High Pressure Ground Line, Monkey Board, Mud Tanks & Carrier Walkways, Handrails, Rotary & Mud Pump Discharge Hose, Cable Protectors, Stairs, BOP Skid & Trolley, Driller Panel, Drilling Recorder 8 Pens, Rig & Mud Tanks Lightening System

Further details and pictures in this overview document (pdf).

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