Dutch-Indonesian GEOCAP delivered geothermal exploration training

GEOCAP geothermal exploration training, Indonesia - November 2016 (source: GEOCAP)
Alexander Richter 7 Dec 2016

The Netherlands-Indonesia GEOCAP program has successfully delivered a first series of geothermal exploration training sessions in Indonesia.

The Netherlands-Indonesian GEOCAP program has successfully delivered its geothermal training series last month.

These trainings were the first four trainings which have been organized together with the Human Resources Development Agency of the Ministry of Energy and Mineral Resources in Indonesia (BPSDM ESDM).

The trainers gave four trainings with the themes:

  • MT field school delivered by Dr. Yunus Daud (Universitas Indonesia), Dr. Wouter van Leeuwen (IF Technology), Wambra Aswo (Universitas Indonesia), Agung Sulistyo (Universitas Indonesia), and Diajeng Liati (Universitas Indonesia)
  • Remote Sensing delivered by Dr. Chris Hecker (University of Twente), Dr. Rob Hewson (University of Twente), Dr. Asep Saepuloh (Institut Teknologi Bandung), Dr. Agung Setianto (Universitas Gadjah Mada), Reyno Rivelino (Institut Teknologi Bandung), Ratna Amalia Pradipta ST, MT, (Institut Teknologi Bandung), Panggea G. Sabrian ST, MT, (Institut Teknologi Bandung), and Yan Restu Freski (Universitas Gadjah Mada)
  • Resource Assessment delivered by Dr. Stefan Carpentier (TNO)
  • Tectonic modelling delivered by Dr. Damien Bonté (Utrecht University)

The trainings were attended by 67 participants from different universities in Java, Sumatra, North Maluku, companies and government institutions.

Next year there will be eleven trainings to be organized by GEOCAP and BPSDM ESDM. With this collaboration we hope to reach more (future) professionals and academia working in the geothermal field.

Source: GeoCAP