Early tests confirm 200 centigrades geothermal resource in Nevis

Early tests confirm 200 centigrades geothermal resource in Nevis Drilling rig on site, Nevis/ Carbbean (source: Clean Power Nevis)
Alexander Richter 19 Mar 2018

Early test results from an exploration well drilled for the geothermal project on Nevis in the Caribbean show promising results with drilling of a production well aimed to start late summer 2018.

Following tests of a well drilled in an early drilling program by U.S.-based GeothermEx confirms a resource with 411 degrees Fahrenheit (or around 200 centigrades) steam temperature.  Surface reading temperatures are reported at 255 degrees Fahrenheit (124 centigrades); steam temperatures of 411 degrees (210 centigrades) and well temperature readings of over 400 degrees (200 centigrades).

The project is being developed by U.S.-led Nevis Renewable Energy International (NREI), which now believes to have found sufficient temperatures to develop a geothermal power project.

Mr. Robert Stacy, Senior Reservoir Engineer with the team said: “The resource so far looks very promising. High temperatures down at resource at commercial grades to produce power. Right now we are preparing to go in and measure those to quantify how much resource it is and how best to develop the resource here,” he said.

According to Bruce Cutright, Chief Executive Office of NREI says that production drilling could start late this summer and expecting a resource quantity allowing a development of a 5 MW or more geothermal power plant.

Source: Nevis Pages