Early work sought for geothermal project at Galunggung, West Java

Tea plantation at Gunung Mas, West Java, Indonesia (source: flickr/ micha.hb, creative commons)
Francisco Rojas 11 Aug 2014

PT Exploitasi Energi Indonesia is looking into the Galunggung region in West Java, with the aim of developing 100 MW of geothermal power.

Company PT EEI is currently preparing additional preliminary surveys for a potential project at Galunggung, West Java. An initial survey has been conducted by LAPI ITB. It is believed that the Galunggung region has the same characteristics as Karaha Bodas geothermal system and the possibility of development of up to 100 MW.

West Java is believed to be one of the Indonesian provinces with the largest geothermal resources. The potential for the development of the Galunggung is seen as very promising.

Source: Berita Daerah Website