EBTKE/ INAGA partner on Indonesia Intl Geothermal Convention, August 2019

Ceremony of launching IIGCE 2019 and partnership between EBTKE and INAGA (source: EBTKE)
Alexander Richter 26 May 2019

Indonesia's EBTKE together with the Indonesian Geothermal Association officially delivered the plan to hold the 7th Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition (IIGCE) August 13-15, 2019 in Jakarta.

The Directorate General of New Energy, Renewable and Energy Conservation (DG EBTKE) together with the Indonesian Geothermal Association (API) officially delivered the plan to hold the 7th Indonesia International Geothermal Convention & Exhibition (IIGCE) August 13-15, 2019 in Assembly Hall, Jakarta Convention Center.

The implementation of IIGCE this time took the theme “Making Geothermal Energy of Today” which has relevance to current global issues to continue to promote renewable energy, especially geothermal energy. “This is an event that we repeat every year so that people do not forget that if we talk about energy security, Paris Agreement, it is not possible without geothermal energy. So we hope that with all our commitments, we can get development solutions geothermal energy in the shortest possible time, “said General Chair of API Prijandaru Effendi at the launch of IIGCE 2019 on Tuesday (15/5).

IIGCE is an annual activity in the form of conventions and exhibitions on geothermal fields that bring together Government agencies, policy makers, stakeholders, investors, service companies, academics, and experts in the geothermal industry to gather together, share the latest developments in the geothermal industry. The 7th IIGCE 2019 is a series of successes from previous events held since 2013.

“This is an annual activity that we do, the seventh time. The format is convention & exhibition, but at the same time it is parallel with annual technical gathering activities from geothermal professionals. It has been going on for 19 years every year. the earth gathered to talk about knowledge sharing, etc. In this 7th year, we speak more broadly from the business side. With one goal, our common goal is to continue to maintain the momentum of geothermal development in Indonesia, “said the Chairperson of The 7th IIGCE 2019, Paul E. Mustakim.

On the same occasion, Director General of EBTKE FX Sutijastoto again reminded that geothermal has a very strategic role for economic development in Indonesia and seeing current economic conditions, geothermal is one of the main solutions in overcoming the use of fuel, which is around 50% from imports.

“Then, another strategic aspect of geothermal energy is that this commodity is in Indonesia. technology that is directly related to global energy is also very limited. That is, if we can implement the right pricing policy in geothermal energy, geothermal energy does not depend on fluctuations in world energy development, “concluded Director General of Toto.

He hopes that the holding of the 7th IIGCE will be able to raise awareness of various initiatives by stakeholders in the geothermal field. “Through this IIGCE in its sessions, it is sought to find breakthroughs in collaboration between the Government and the business world, so that communication is fluid and makes it easier to solve national geothermal issues,” said Director General of Toto.

The 7th IIGCE 2019, will hold a Convention program, Exhibition, Technical Paper Presentation (TPC), Field Trip, and Photo Competition. The TPC program provides opportunities for academics and professionals to present the latest issues and developments related to the geothermal industry based on their chosen topics.

Field Trip activities will be carried out to the Salak Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) area operated by Star Energy which is expected to be an exploration travel experience in knowing and seeing firsthand one of the oldest and main geothermal power plants in Indonesia. While Photo Competition is a complement to the series of events of The 7th IIGCE 2019, where photo enthusiasts, professional photographers and the photography community can channel their desire to capture exclusive moments with the theme of the potential of the geothermal industry in Indonesia.

Source: EBTKE