Educational Poster Explaining Geothermal Energy Available for Downloading

Educational Poster Explaining Geothermal Energy Available for Downloading Snapshot of geothermal poster by GRC for Earth Science Week 2019
Carlo Cariaga 7 Aug 2019

The GRC has released a poster that aims to educate middle-schoolers about the technologies and the mission of the geothermal energy industry.

The Geothermal Resources Council (GRC) is pleased to announce a new poster aimed at helping educate middle-schoolers on geothermal energy and help spread the word of the industry’s technologies and mission to the general public.

The poster is glossy, doubled sided with English and Spanish versions and measures 22 inches x 34 inches, making it ideal for display in a classroom or other educational facility.

The GRC would like to thank the Dewhurst Group for their help in designing the poster and to the following sponsors for their support: Horizon Well Logging; Ormat Technologies; Cyrq Energy; Coso Operating Company; EGS, Inc., and the Dewhurst Group.

10,000 copies of the poster will be sent in school educational packs distributed by the American Geosciences Institute (AGI), as part of the Earth Science Week Toolkit, with the main priority to support high-quality teaching and learning in Earth science.

Earth Science Week is an important annual outreach by the U.S. geoscience community. “Aligned with efforts to enhance diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility in the geosciences, this year’s theme of “Geoscience Is for Everyone” [provides] materials that emphasize the importance of the geosciences in the lives of all people.”

A further 5,000 printed copies of the Geothermal Poster will be available for distribution directly by the GRC and, for instance, will be freely available at this year’s Annual Meeting & Expo in Palm Springs, California from 15-18 September. Electronic versions of the poster are available for download from our website at

Source: Geothermal Resources Council