EGEC launches 2013/2014 Geothermal Market Report

Snapshot of EGEC report
Alexander Richter 3 Dec 2013

Today, the European Geothermal Energy Council (EGEC) released its 3rd Annual EGEC Market Report highlighting the current status of operation and development of geothermal power, direct use and heat pumps in Europe.

The third annual EGEC market report was launched on 3rd of December, at GeoPower/GeoHeat and Cool in Amsterdam.

The report, which includes chapters on the Shallow, Power, and District Heating sectors, is compiled each year using data from various statistical analyses, local experts, utilities, energy Agencies, and national associations.  It includes details of all major projects operational, under development and under investigation, as well as an analysis of market development, the regulatory and public policy environment, financial tools and incentives, market forecasts, and key players.

The European Geothermal Energy Council originally developed the Market Report in order to fill an information gap in the geothermal sector. It is designed to give market intelligence to companies and investors already working in the sector, and to inform new entrants about the current state of the market and its future development.

This edition includes for the first time an analysis of the turbine market, a first attempt at mapping deep geothermal licences, and an overview of support schemes for geothermal heating and cooling.


This year’s market report reflects on 100 years of geothermal electricity production, analyses recent development and looks to the next stages of development. Eight new power plants became operational in 2013, increasing the installed capacity in Europe by 145.05 MWe. Full details of all operational plants, as well as those under development and under investigation are included in the report, which also covers the economic potential in 2020, 2030, and 2050, an analysis of the turbine market, and the commissioning year of each plant and turbine type used. The chapter also addresses the opportunities for geothermal to move from base load to flexible generation provision.

For District Heating

District Heating is the geothermal sector with the most exiting development, with five countries installing new systems this year and technology which is enabling smaller systems and the use of shallower resources.  In total, eight new systems have been installed, increasing installed capacity in Europe by 122MWth Three hot markets are analysed in detail- Hungary, the Netherlands, and France- which has increased its number of triplet systems in the last year.  This year’s edition of the Market report includes details of European potential, market conditions, business models for GeoDH, the inauguration year of each operational plant, and an overview of support schemes.

For Shallow Geothermal Energy

Shallow geothermal continues to be by far the largest geothermal sector, deployed nearly everywhere in Europe. The number of small sized installations can make data collection difficult, however The EGEC market report 2013/14 has complied information from a number of sources and has therefore been uniquely able to give a credible and coherent analysis.

More information about EGEC and the Market report can be found on the EGEC website