El Salvador plans to reach a 40% share of geothermal in energy mix by 2019

El Salvador plans to reach a 40% share of geothermal in energy mix by 2019 Berlin geothermal power plant of La Geo in El Salvador (source: Enex)
Alexander Richter 22 Jan 2016

The government of El Salvador expects to reach a 40% of geothermal energy in the country's energy mix by 2019.

The government of El Salvador has announced its ambition to raise the share of geothermal energy in the country’s electricity supply by 15%. According to the plans, geothermal energy would represent a 40% share in the energy mix, so the Secretary of Communications of the Presidency of El Salvador, Eugenio Chicas.

In a statement, he said that these plans are part of a “best effort”, that seeks to transform the energy supply of El Salvador to renewable energy sources. There are no comments on any possible investment or how many geothermal projects will be developed and who will help to achieve the objective for geothermal energy development.

“The expectation is that at the end of the mandate we depend 40% of geothermal energy, but also to grow even more in hydropower,” said the spokesman of the government, adding that “also is betting on energy production based on gas, solar and wind power.”

He explained that this transition will help improve the economic dynamics “that the country has begun to walk” which, he said, has led to the growth rate in 2015 reached figures of between 2.4% and 2.6%.

“There is a strong, specific commitment in electricity generation itself, because that is what we will I be allowed to have solid foundations for industrialization of the country, which we hope will translate into more jobs, more development and more economic opportunities, “he said.

Source: El Economista