El Salvador to help on development of 5 MW geothermal project in Bolivia

El Salvador to help on development of 5 MW geothermal project in Bolivia Laguna Colorada, Bolivia (source: flickr/ Paolo Lucciola, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 19 Oct 2016

The countries of Bolivia and El Salvador have signed a cooperation agreement on the development of a 5 MW geothermal pilot project in Bolivia as part of an exchange of expertise and development.

Last week, the countries of Bolivia and El Salvador negotiated details of a cooperation regarding the development of a 5 MW geothermal pilot project in Bolivia and the construction of a thermoelectric plant in El Salvador

“We want one of the most important companies in the world with experience in geothermal energy, LaGeo, of El Salvador to join and support us in geothermal projects in Bolivia.”, said the Minister Hydrocarbons and Energy, Luis Alberto Sanchez.

Meanwhile, David Lopez, President of the Electricity Sector in El Salvador, said “we are honoured to help in the part of geothermal energy for projects to develop and we want to support us in that dream of having that product. Bolivia to work us. ”

At the meeting, the possibility of LaGeo, the state-owned electricity utility of El Salvador  with its extensive experience in geothermal projects, to assist Bolivia with supervision, management, installation, technical specifications and engineering.

“Bolivia have the support needed to boost its geothermal projects, like Laguna Colorada and there is also an opportunity to establish a partnership between ENDE and a company of El Salvador to build a thermoelectric and move these plants thermal having the countries which are diesel, since LPG is more competitive , “he said the the Minister.

Source: Ministry for Hydrocarbons and Energy Bolivia