Enel in discussions in Turkey about parternship with Dekar Enerji

Alexander Richter 31 Oct 2009

Enel in talks about a partnership in Turkey with Deka Enerji about a possible partnership that could develop up to 300 MW project and require investments of EUR 750 million.

Conflicting news are about steps of Enel into increased geothermal efforts in Turkey. In one release by Delta Yatirim Holding about “that the company will jointly invest EUR 750mn in geothermal plants in the country with Enel”.

Enel on the other hand states that the company “has held preliminary talks with Turkey-based Dekar Enerji over a geothermal power partnership but no decision has been reached, the Italian utility said on Friday (October 30, 2009).

Turkish newspapers had reported that day that “Enel had decided to build a geothermal power plant in Turkey with privately held Dekar to produce 300 megawatts of electricity over the course of five years.”

“Enel had preliminary talks. No decision has been taken. There is nothing concrete so far,” said a spokeswoman for Enel.

Turkey has rich untapped geothermal reserves, while its energy sector has been a large target for foreign investors, including Germany’s RWE, E.ON and Verbund.”

Source: ISI – emerging Markets, Reuters