Enel to supply geothermal heat to large-scale greenhouse operations in Tuscany

Floramiata greenhouses, Italy (source: website screenshot)
Alexander Richter 3 Oct 2017

New favourable geothermal heating contract signed by Enel Green Power with greenhouse operator Floramiata in Tuscany helps to revive its business and expands ongoing heating business efforts by Enel.

Reported last week, Enel Green Power has signed a new contract for the sale of geothermal heat to the “Casa del Corto” greenhouse complex by company Floramiata in Piancastagnaio. This is a multi-year long-term contract at particularly advantageous prices that will allow new managers to relaunch the activity that has been experiencing difficulties during these years and to start off with a stable planning to foster further development.

This agreement is an important contribution to the Tuscany Region, with this cooperation involving institutions, trade unions, Enel Green Power and an  entrepreneur, that led to the acquisition of a new property and reaching the Heat Use Agreement.

Floramiata, with its 28 hectares of heated greenhouses , is one of the largest operators in the sector at European level and recovering its operations enables the maintenance of consistent levels of employment: thermal energy supplied every year from EGP at affordable prices, they can be a major competitive lever that will offset some of the logistical problems in the area, particularly linked to road traffic. Enel Green Power thus confirms its policy of focusing on the geothermal areas in which it operates, with the aim of encouraging the growth and development of supply chains related to the use of the geothermal resource.

Enel Green Power, as well as being the leading geothermal source producer in Italy, is the largest national distributor of heat from renewable sources and in recent years has invested in research and innovation both in the field of technology, to improve and to make heating and heat distribution systems more efficient. This has helped agricultural products being developed using synergies with the geothermal resource, such as recently and ongoing experiments on the production of spirulina algae in greenhouses at Chiusdino that will be officially inaugurated in October.


Source: Il Giunco