Enex China signs cooperation agreement on development in Inner Mongolia, China

Enex China signs cooperation agreement on development in Inner Mongolia, China Yurts in Inner Mongolia, China (source: flickr/ Wolfiewolf, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 29 Sep 2010

Icelandic-Chinese partners, Enex China and Sinopec Star Petroleum sign cooperation agreement on geothermal development in Inner Mongolia, with an emphasis on district heating, greenhouses and geothermal power generation.

In a release today by Geysir Green Energy the majority owner of Enex China, the company reports that “the President of Iceland, Mr. Ólafur Ragnar Grímsson was present at the signing ceremony of the geothermal development cooperation agreement at the Residence of the Icelandic Ambassador to China Mrs. Kristin Arnadottir in Beijing.

The agreement signed on September 12th mandates the Icelandic-Chinese partners, Enex China and Sinopec Star Petroleum to assist the authorities in Inner Mongolia to initiate and compile a geothermal survey in the A Er Shan region. Furthermore, to plan and identify the spread, reservoir, development, preservation and utilization opportunities of geothermal resources in the region. The parties have agreed to cooperate on geothermal development and utilization in the A Er Shan region, with an emphasis on building up indoor heating systems, greenhouse agriculture and geothermal electricity generation. The A Er Shan municipality will furthermore nominate technicians to participate in the United Nations Geothermal Training Programme in Iceland.

Inner Mongolia, with a population of over 24 million, is located in northeast part of China. In the north, the region has borders to the Republic of Mongolia and Russia in the northeast. With its continental climate of cold dry winters, geothermal heating systems may prove to be a good fit to reduce dependence on fossil fueled heating systems in the region.

About Enex China: Enex China is an Icelandic geothermal company established to develop geothermal heating systems in China. Enex China began working as a geothermal consultant for Chinese municipalities in 2002 and established an office in China in 2005, when cooperation began on the Xianyang project. The geothermal heating operation was later transferred into Shaanxi Green Energy, Enex China’s JV with Chinese oil giant Sinopec Star. Enex China is held by Geysir Green Energy (80.5%) and fellow Icelandic geothermal company Reykjavik Energy Invest (19.5%).”

Source: Geysir Green Energy