Entering a new phase on marketing for the geothermal energy sector

Entering a new phase on marketing for the geothermal energy sector GEA Geothermal Energy Expo 2012 (source: ThinkGeoEnergy)
Alexander Richter 30 Nov 2015

With the new partnership with Geo Energy Marketing Services, ThinkGeoEnergy enters a new phase expanding its service offerings to the global geothermal energy market.

ThinkGeoEnergy has been growing much over the past few years and is now the most read geothermal news website. But we are not standing still. We will do some tweaks to our site in the coming weeks, update the look and feel of our Spanish-language service of, but have also a few other things in our sleeves.

Over the years, we have also worked on consulting appointments for a number of companies and in some cases partnered with other firms. So we are today, really proud to announce a new partnership with Geo Energy Marketing Services. With this partnership we hope to offer some help in the positioning of the global geothermal energy industry.

Geo Energy Marketing Services is committed to promoting and professionalizing the geothermal industry. The company builds upon over a decade of experience solely focused on geothermal marketing and business development. Whether it be market research, event management, graphic design, business planning, advertising, or brand management, Geo Energy Marketing Services is driven to redefine your brand, empower your sales team and establish your company as market leader.

“We are very excited to be partnering with ThinkGeoEnergy to provide strategic marketing consulting services. We’ve admired ThinkGeoEnergy since its inception and fully support them as the leading news outlet recognized throughout the renewables industry. Partnering with ThinkGeoEnergy further expands our platform to better accomplish our mission to enhance the position and voice of all the geothermal industries contributing companies,” said Patrick Hanson, Principal of Geo Energy Marketing Services.

“Apart from getting the opportunity joining forces with a good friend and fellow passionate international geothermalist, we are very happy to be able to tap into the great experience Geo Energy Marketing Services brings to the table. It greatly expands our capabilities in providing marketing and strategy consulting services to the global geothermal industry, while at the same time geographically expand our market. Geothermal energy does not get the attention it deserves and by joining forces with Geo Energy Marketing Services we will be able to work for clients on marketing, branding, communication and event services.”, so Alexander Richter, Principal of ThinkGeoEnergy.

In the coming weeks, ThinkGeoEnergy and Geo Energy Marketing Services will publish a number of white papers on our views on aspects of marketing in the geothermal energy world.

Both firms will focus on:

  • Customer Event / Trade Show Strategy
  • Targeted Market Research
  • Strategic Business / Marketing Planning
  • Brand Management
  • Graphic Design / Advertising
  • Sales Enablement Tools
  • Web Design and Development
  • Social Media Management
  • Video Communications
  • Media Relations


Patrick Hanson, Principal, Geo Energy Marketing Services

Alexander Richter, Principal & Editor, ThinkGeoEnergy