Entrepreneur to produce tea at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska

Entrepreneur to produce tea at Chena Hot Springs, Alaska Greenhouse in Chena Hot Springs, Alaska (source: flickr/ james keller, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 8 Jun 2021

A world-class tea connoisseur based in Fairbanks is now growing her own tea in the greenhouses of Chena Hot Springs to create the first tea from Alaska.

Who thought you could grow and process tea in the cold climate of Alaska in the U.S. An article published locally is actually reporting on a world-class tea connoisseur behind the state of Alaska’s first tea farm.

The tea farm is getting started this week just outside of Fairbanks. Jenny Tse, an international award-winning tea expert, has received support by artisanal growers in the state of Hawaii, as well as from India and China. Running a tea manufacturing company in Alaska, the only tea farm of the state is now her latest venture.

The article describes how she came up with the idea of establishing a tea farm after operating an artisanal tea store in Fairbanks for more than 14 years.

As part of her operation, she has been drying fireweed blossoms, cranberries and tea leaves. These hand-blending of local ingredient has won her her first international award. With a commercial-grade dehydrator she dries ingredient she sources locally. Teaching  students in an online tea certification program, she sent those students a small tea plant to grow at home, which in the end sparked the idea to grow tea in Alaska.

Once again the story of Bernie Karl and the Chena Hot Springs in Alaska and the use of geothermal there for geothermally heated greenhouses seems to have been an inspiration for others. Asking them if there was place for some of her tea plants, they told her yes and so now there are tea plants growing in the greenhouse at the Chena Hot Springs resort.

She hopes to harvest the first tea leaves this summer from her “tea farm” at Chena Hot Springs.

Check out more about her and her activities via her Instagram account, YouTube Channel, or her podcast.

Source: Alaska Public