Evolving from the San Jacinto geothermal field – a take from Polaris Infrastructure

Evolving from the San Jacinto geothermal field – a take from Polaris Infrastructure San Jacinto power plant (source: Ram Power)
Alexander Richter 26 Apr 2017

Discussing the Nicaraguan geothermal market, the CEO of Polaris Infrastructure the operator and developer of the San Jacinto geothermal field provides an update also on future growth plans for the company in the country.

At the GEOLAC conference in Mexico City, a brief overview on the situation in the geothermal market of Nicaragua was given by Laura Wendell Berman, Energy Specialist the World Bank and Mark Murnaghan, CEO of Polaris Infrastructure Inc.

Discussing the market, an overview was given on the status of the San Jacinto geothermal field and the drilling campaign, which we have been reporting on before.

Talking about San Jacinto, the plant, and the overall market, MR. Murnaghan discussed some of the  future growth options for the company in Nicaragua.

The company considers having an attractive price for further development at San Jacinto, and plans to drill likely two more production wells this year to expand operating capacity, as well as injection wells. Surface studies are currently conducted. There are also ongoing efforts on further plant optimization. Polaris also is moving forward on a binary unit for the plant. Longer-term, the wester sector of the San Jacinto field could be further developed.

Polaris Infrastructure is also continuing with looking at acquisitions and further project development in Nicaragua.

For the Casita project at the San Cristobal geothermal field, Polaris considers moving forward on feasibility and development and is looking at a concrete de-risking exercise together with the World Bank and potential other partners in the next 12-18 months.