Exciting agenda for 7th GEOLAC Virtual geothermal event, Sept. 15-17, 2020

Exciting agenda for 7th GEOLAC Virtual geothermal event, Sept. 15-17, 2020 GEOLAC Geothermal Project Awards 2018 (source: GEOLAC)
Alexander Richter 17 Aug 2020

The exciting program of the 7th GEOLAC event (now virtual) will feature topics on everything geothermal in the Latin America & Caribbean region, providing an update, perspectives on new topics and trends and valuable discussions.

Geothermal is abundant across Latin America and the Caribbean but the potential is yet to translate into investment and output. In a post-covid, fiscally challenged environment, can geothermal stake its claim as a provider of firm and flexible power to Latin America and the Caribbean? Where are bright spots in the region and which countries are making headway? What do we need to do to persuade other big users of big power across the region – the mining sector, for example – to look more closely at geothermal?

GEOLAC Virtual is looking at these issues and has released an exciting agenda for the days of the event from September 15 to 17, 2020.

Our virtual event includes:

  • Deep-Dive Interviews. In-depth conversations with key leaders from Colombia, Chile and Mexico on the role of geothermal now and looking forward. This is your chance to pitch questions and get answers directly from decision-makers.
  • Live Panel Discussions. Diverse stakeholders, diverse perspectives on a live virtual stage, debating critical issues facing our industry across LAC.
  • Town Halls. These multi-channel breakout sessions are designed to get questions answered. Step in and ask about geothermal lithium extraction, hydrocarbons, decarbonization and more.
  • Case Study Interviews. Showcasing some of the flagship projects to emerge across the region in recent months, virtual case studies enable real-time interaction with the presenters. Your chance to dig deep.
  • Idea Exchanges. Turn on your camera and join one of these intimate discussion groups, organized by theme. Meet, greet and connect.
  • Live Debates. On a live virtual stage, market protagonists will debate the pros and cons of geothermal versus other sources of baseload.

We also invite our attendee’s to get a quick download of key information with our on-demand Expert Corner Videos, try Flash Networking to quickly connect with other delegates or visit the Pavilion for live demos and chats with our sponsors.

Key Agenda topics:

  • Geothermal’s role in a post-covid Latin America green REcovery
  • Investment into geothermal – where will investment come from
  • Challenges and opportunities for geothermal in Latin America
  • Townhall discussions e.g. on energy matrix planning, economics of direct use, lithium extraction, new technologies
  • Specific case studies, e.g. from Chile, Colombia, Caribbean
  • Shift of oil & gas sector towards geothermal, co-production with hydrocarbons
  • Mexico & geothermal prospects
  • Gender in Geothermal
  • Baseload as debate and costs and benefits
  • Outlook of geothermal across the region

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