Exciting times ahead for ThinkGeoEnergy with new strategy and website

Whiteboard work on new ThinkGeoEnergy strategy & website (source: TGE)
Alexander Richter 19 Nov 2014

We are excited to be working on a new strategy and website for ThinkGeoEnergy that will continue bringing you the latest news in global geothermal development but also much more. Stay tuned.

In early October this year, in an article here and on LinkedIn, I had indicated some strategic work that ThinkGeoEnergy has been doing. For the article see this LINK.  We have since been really busy in not only continuing our global geothermal news coverage, but also re-thinking our strategy of moving the site and our activities forward.

We are not only revamping our research work, but are also in the process of working on a new website.

The website will more strongly represent as the predominant news platform for the global geothermal sector, but also as a more general hub for everything related to geothermal development and the industry. This will include an introduction to geothermal, a company directory, new power plant map, research and much much more.

We will in the coming weeks work together with a fine group of developers and designers to build a new This will take things onto new levels and we are really excited where this will take us.

We are teasing you a little with the above white board summary of some of the elements we have been working on for the website. There is even more in the pipeline but to this in a later post.

In early December we will start reaching out to companies in the sector to inform about the opportunities that ThinkGeoEnergy provides in promotion, business development and research. We will also conduct a number of interviews with individuals from all branches of the industry to fine-tune the products and services we are working on.

We hope then to bring you a new ThinkGeoEnergy before the year end.

For any comments and critical remarks, don’t hesitate to contact me at