Experts see geothermal potential at hot springs in Gujarat, India

Experts see geothermal potential at hot springs in Gujarat, India Unai Mata temple & hot spring, Gujarata, India (source:
Alexander Richter 23 Feb 2021

Researchers of Pandit Deendayal Energy University point to the geothermal energy utilisation potential at the hot spring at Unai in Gujarat, India.

A team of researchers from the Centre of Excellence for Geothermal Energy (CEGE) at Pandit Deendayal Energy University reported to have found the hottest hot springs at Unai , about 56km east of Navsari in the Indian state of Gujarat. The state lies on the western coast of India.

As reported by India Times, the average water temperature at the hot spring is about 70 degrees Celsius.  With that the site is a potential site for the utilisation of geothermal energy. The head of CEGE said now that it will explore to drill a deeper well to a depth of 500 meters for further tests. With this promising level of temperature, it is more likely it potentially could feed a geothermal power plant with binary technology.

There are also direct use opportunities, e.g. for food dehydration, such as for seasonal food grains, vegetables or fruits. This could help farmers sell their produce long after harvest. Sircar said that CEGE is also working on geothermal atlas of Gujarat.

The state currently has about17 identified hot water springs or geysers including Lasundra, Tuwa, Kawi, Tulsishyam, Lalpur, etc. where the water of varied quality and temperature is found. The atlas will consist of salient features of each hot spring in terms of surface temperature, reservoir temperature, thermal gradient and geochemistry of water.

Source: India Times