First exploration drilling started in Queensland, Australia

First exploration drilling started in Queensland, Australia Fraser Coast, Queensland/ Australia (source: flickr/ ]°+_bill_+°[, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 18 Nov 2010

The Australian state of Queensland reports that first exploration drilling has begun at a site called Gundiah in the state to test the potential for geothermal energy sources.

Reported by Australian ABC News, the state of Queensland in Australia reports that “drilling has begun at the first site in Queensland to be tested for potential geothermal energy sources.

The site at Gundiah, 65 kilometres south of Maryborough on the Fraser Coast in south-east Queensland , is one of 12 identified by the State Government to be tested as part of its coastal geothermal energy initiative.

The aim is find sources of geothermal or ‘hot rock’ energy that are closer to existing power infrastructure.

Energy Minister Stephen Robertson says it is a first for the state.

“It has the potential to produce more base load energy than any other renewable energy source,” he said.

Temperature and thermal data will be collected to a depth of 320 metres in the single test hole.

Mr Robertson says no toxic chemicals will be used during the process and there will be no impact on underground water sources.”

Source: ABC News