First steps in creation of Caribbean Geothermal Center of Excellence

First steps in creation of Caribbean Geothermal Center of Excellence Bouillante geothermal power plant, Guadeloupe (source:
Alexander Richter 21 Mar 2022

First steering committee meeting for the Caribbean Geothermal Center of Excellence has been held in Guadeloupe earlier this month.

The INTERREG CARAIBES – Energy Transition in the Caribbean (TEC) program actively contributes to the regional development of geothermal energy thanks to the establishment of the first steering committee dedicated to the Caribbean Center of Excellence on Geothermal Energy, as reported this week.

On March 9, 2022, the president of the energy commission of the regional council of Guadeloupe, Sylvie VANOUKIA opened the first steering committee of the Caribbean Center of Excellence on Geothermal Energy. For this morning of discussions, nearly thirty players gathered around the issue of geothermal energy in the Caribbean. Among them were the Guadeloupe Regional Council , the Ecological Transition Agency ( ADEME ), the Organization of Eastern Caribbean States ( OECS ), the Geological and Mining Research Office ( BRGM ), DEAL, the French Agency of Geothermal Professionals ( AFPG ), SAS Géothermie Bouillante, the network manager EDF Archipel Guadeloupe , Synergîle and Guadeloupe Formation.

The objectives of this morning of exchanges were to take stock of the progress of the prospective studies being carried out through the TEC project, to share with all the partners the missions and the role desired for the Caribbean center of excellence. on geothermal energy. Finally, it was also a question of setting up the steering committee to carry out the work for the creation of this center.

The study of the geothermal resource in the Caribbean zone has revealed a very interesting potential, the exploitation of which would make it possible to reach installed powers of approximately 300 MW in the coming years. The Caribbean region is therefore an area conducive to the energy recovery of this resource in the form of electricity. During his speeches, Mr Chamberlain EMMANUEL, Director of the Environment and Sustainability Division, did not fail to underline the great interest of the States of the Eastern Caribbean in the question of the development of this resource in our regions. . Moreover, the contribution of the OECS in the realization of the TEC project makes it possible to show the potential and the relevance of this type of cooperation project.

Finally, the Guadeloupe region wanted to highlight the work in progress around the service technology park and the opportunity to integrate the Caribbean Center of Excellence on Geothermal Energy into the technology park network.

Source: Guadeloupe Energie