Flores Island in Eastern Indonesia blessed with large geothermal potential

Drilling rig on site of Sokoria geothermal project, Indonesia (source: KS Orka)
Alexander Richter 2 Dec 2019

With an estimated geothermal potential of up to 660 MW, Flores Island in Eastern Indonesia could replace diesel-fuelled power generation and reach renewable energy targets ahead of other regions in Indonesia.

Flores Island in Eastern Indonesia is a popular tourist attraction, yet not many know that it has great geothermal potential, as highlighted in an article by CNBC Indonesia.

PT PLN estimates the geothermal potential for Flores Island of up to 660 MW in potential power generation capacity, which is based on results of a rough study conducted on the island.

The island could therefore be one of the country’s first islands to reach a 23% renewable energy target. Current studies are though only giving a raw picture, further studies on geology, geoseismicity and others still need to be done, so PT PLN (Persero) Flores Generation Implementation Manager Lambok R Siregar in a meeting last week.

Proven geothermal power generation potential is around 115 to 135 MW by 2028.  This can be devided between Ulumbu 5 20 MW geothermal power plant, Ulumbu 6 20 MW geothermal power plant, Sokoria 30 MW geothermal power plant, Mataloko 2 × 10 MW geothermal power plant, Oka Ili Ange 10 MW geothermal power plant, and Atadei geothermal power plant. With those plants diesel-fuelled power generation, which still dominates electricity generation on Flores Island, could be replaced.

Currently the renewable energy mix in Flores has reached around 19%. Currently geothermal represents 20 MW of a total installed power generation capacity of 112 MW.  The new energy mix will surge to 23% in Flores starting in February 2020, namely with the inclusion of 5 MW electricity from the Geothermal Power Plant (PLTP) Sokoria, which started operation last month.

Lambok continued, that way Flores will first reach the new energy target set by the government. Nationally, the government is targeting the portion of the new and renewable energy mix to reach 23% in the year 2025. Flores could even exceed that target by 2025.

Source: CNBC Indonesia