FORGE project in Utah to start drilling of first well in about 12 months

FORGE project in Utah to start drilling of first well in about 12 months Screenshot from Utah FORGE video (source: YouTube)
Alexander Richter 16 Aug 2018

Winning funding by DOE, the FORGE geothermal research project in Utah is now planning the drilling of the first of two wells in about 12 months from now.

Details on the plans for the Utah FORGE project are emerging. The project won against its contender in Nevada for the site of a national research laboratory project on EGS geothermal development.

The project is planning to use a new type of directional drilling on two wells to be drilled next year.

With technological development, there are hopes that this type of research will help to develop engineered/ enhanced geothermal systems that could help expand the scale and utilisation of geothermal energy for electricity production and beyond.

The consortium around the project in Utah, was chosen for funding of up to $140 million for a multiyear project aimed at advancing geothermal energy technologies with the goal of creating new sources for American energy earlier this summer. We reported on it in June.

University of Utah Chemical Engineering Associate Professor John McLennan in local news says that the first well is expected to be drilled in about one year from today at the project site near Milford in Beavour County, Utah.

Source: The Sacramento Bee