GEOCAP program welcoming six new Geothermal PhD students

GEOCAP program welcoming six new Geothermal PhD students Darajat Unit I owned by Indonesia Power (a PLN subsidiary) with steam supplied by Chevron (source: wienblog-growingtree/ blogspot)
Alexander Richter 23 Mar 2016

The Geothermal Capacity Building Programme of Indonesia and the Netherlands is welcoming six PhD students on a variety of topics related to geothermal development in Indonesia.

The Indonesia-Netherlands Geothermal Capacity Building Programme  (GEOCAP) has several components, among them is an education and training program.

As part of this, GEOCAP has now welcomed six PhD candidates who will conduct research on the key issues in geothermal exploration, exploitation and environmental issues in geothermal energy development.

Together with the Indonesian Endowment Fund, known as LPDP (, GEOCAP developped a Joint Degree PhD program with the partner universities within the project. The program recruits excellent students and not only aim at producing high level research but an integral part of program will be the leadership and entrepreneurial skills to prepare the candidates to become future leaders in geothermal energy in Indonesia. At the end of the program the privileged PhD candidates will be equipped with the scientific knowledge to address complex problems, leadership skills to inspire others and entrepreneurial skills to further develop the sector.

The candidates who will start the program in the summer 2016 are:

  •      Ahmad Fauzi Purwanodo with the research topic A geodynamic based approach for geothermal resources assessment on the island of Flores
  •      Mayestica de Jong with the research topic Hydro-fracturing and acidizing for well stimulation in geothermal exploration in Indonesia
  •      Riskiray Nugroho with the research topic Assessment and analysis of seismic data in Wes Java Papandayan volcano area
  •      Lukman Sutrisno with the research topic A regional tectonics based approach for geothermal resources assessment: the Sumatra fault
  •      Astisiasari with the research topic Mullti-Risk Assessment in Geothermal Area
  •      Jarot Mulyo Semedi with the research topic Spatial planning for sustainable development of geothermal energy

Source: GeoCAP