Geodynamics to diversify into areas beyond geothermal

Geodynamics to diversify into areas beyond geothermal Aerial view of Habanero-1 in the Cooper Basin, Geodynamics site (source:
Francisco Rojas 9 Dec 2014

Pushed by the recent cuts in renewable energy in Australia, Geodynamics is looking into other areas to expand its business.

In an official statement from Geodynamics from the Annual General Meeting, the company has mentioned that it is looking into expanding into other areas beyond geothermal energy due to the increasingly hostile environment that renewable energy companies have to face in Australia due to the shunning by the country’s government of green power.

According to the official release, the new areas of interest for Geodynamics are “Clean Energy Supply and Services; Efficiency and Storage; and Cleantech Industrial Services”

It is a novel approach to diversify in a harsh environment and even though it will take some time for the company to reposition, it can be an innovative solution.

The release covers the firm’s latest operations and a roundup of their activities in the previous year.

To read the full announcement, please follow the link below.

Source: Geodynamics