Geofood – a new product line of geothermally dehydrated fruits from Mexico

Geofood – a new product line of geothermally dehydrated fruits from Mexico Enjoying GeoFood - dehydrated pineapples (source:
Alexander Richter 13 Dec 2019

A new brand has been launched as a spin-off by the Mexican Center for Innovation in Geothermal Energy (CeMIE-Geo) in Mexico. Geofood provides fruits dehydrated with geothermal energy. A brilliant concept and branding.

A good friend in the industry in Mexico, Michelle Ramírez Bueno posted a picture of a product launched in Mexico yesterday, that I needed to share with the ThinkGeoEnergy audience.


One of the geothermal energy related projects of Los Centros Mexicanos de Innovación en Energía (CeMIE), we reported on it in January 2019, was a geothermal dehydrator. The results so Michelle are very good. Foods dehydrated with geothermal retain nutrients and flavour, unlike other technologies. She invites us to visit their website and enjoy their products.

The center launched the products under the branding of “Geofood – irresistable nutrition”, which I think is absolutely brilliant.

Here the description of Geofood and its origin from the company’s website.

GeoFood is a brand that emerges from the IIDEA Consortium (Innovation, Engineering and Development in Alternate Energies), composed of four institutions, three companies and an applied research group grouped under the name of Group iiDEA (Institute of Engineering, Desalination and Alternate Energies) .

Grupo iiDEA belongs to the Engineering Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM) and has the mission of providing integral solutions in a sustainable way (using clean energy through technological development), disseminating knowledge and training specialized human resources. As an academic entity, it does not have a profit and therefore research and development projects are carried out based on the methodology of the institution.

The three companies that contributed to the development of GeoFood are PI Ingenera, INVERSA and IES, which arise as a spin off through the development of projects financed by the Mexican Center for Innovation in Geothermal Energy (CeMIE-Geo).

Ingeniería, Energía y Sustentabilidad Mexicana S.A. from C.V. (IES) is the company that has finally given life to the GeoFood brand. Its founding partners have extensive experience within the Engineering Institute, as well as professional experience in work for PI Ingenera, INVERSA, Dragon Group, Turbopart Specialists (ETU), ENAL Group and CICESE, just to mention a few.

IES, concerned with making food dehydration with geothermal energy a reality, actively collaborated in the development of the Geothermal Food Dehydrator (DGA) project, DGA200 prototypes and currently, in process, DGA600.

Basic and detailed engineering, as well as advice for the realization of the production process, is a set of activities in which IES has participated. However, this company seeks that dehydrated foods with geothermal energy reach the consumer, and it is for this reason that the GeoFood brand is created.

Currently, GeoFood dehydrates fruits mainly, in association with PI INGENERA, a company dedicated to geothermal energy and responsible for operating the dehydrator in Nayarit.

GeoFood assumes the values ??that distinguish its products: healthy, environmentally friendly, socially responsible, at the forefront and dedicated to innovation.

Source: Geofood website via the LinkedIn post of Michelle Ramírez Bueno