Geothermal Break – a roadtrip in the making from the U.S. to Chile

Nicolas Reyes and his family (source: Nicolas Reyes)
Alexander Richter 18 Sep 2017

Taking the family on a "geothermal" roadtrip during a sabatical year from the geothermal industry is a rather cool thing to do. So kudos to Nicolas Reyes who is taking his family from the U.S. to Chile starting this fall. I hope you can support his trip in one way or another.

Earlier this summer, a good colleague in the geothermal industry announced to me that he is taking a “geothermal break” with a roadtrip from Salt Lake City in Utah to his home country of Chile. I was so intrigued by this, that I thought I will have to share his story when it happens.

So here it is. Nicolás Reyes, until recently the Geothermal Project Manager for the Montserrat geothermal project in the Caribbean, has now published his intention for the roadtrip and I thought it would be ok to share.

I sincerely hope that for those of you who have some ideas, thoughts or even would like to welcome Nicolás and his family or show around your geothermal facilities and life be in touch with him.

So here his piece posted on LinkedIn.

“As of September 2017, I have begun to live a dream that I had since I started working. A sabbatical break doing what I like best … to travel and learn more from geothermal energy.

Along with my family, we took a motor home in Florida, USA on September 1st and started our adventure with destination to Santiago, Chile. Together with Carolina (my wife) and our three children, we will live the family adventure of our lives and at the same time explore more of those things we are passionate about. The culinary arts for Carolina and geothermal energy for me.

My personal goal during this trip will be to visit, learn and report on the main geothermal exploration and exploitation projects on the Pan-American section of the Pacific Ring of Fire with focus on Utah, Nevada, California, Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Chile. It will all start on Oct 4th from Salt Lake City, Utah, immediately after the 2017 Geothermal Resources Council meeting.

I have many ideas on how to approach the project, what emphasis to give to it and what products, information and records to generate. However, I feel the need to discuss them with my geothermal network to compile opinions, generate discussion and iterate the ideal focus to satisfy the main common interest. Any ideas?

If you currently or formerly worked or studied any of those places, any suggestion or guidance would be mostly appreciated. Entering authorizations, contacts, geothermal info, invitations to park our motorhome or just an invitation to chat and share with geothermal around the table would be more than welcome.

A partir de septiembre 2017, he comenzado a vivir un sueño que tuve desde que empecé a trabajar. Una pausa sabática haciendo lo que más me gusta hacer… viajar y aprender de la geotermia.

Con mi familia tomamos una casa rodante en Florida, EE.UU. el 1 de septiembre y comenzamos nuestra aventura con destino Santiago de Chile. Junto a Carolina, mi señora y nuestros tres hijos, viviremos la aventura familiar de nuestras vidas, al mismo tiempo que exploramos más de los que nos apasiona. Las artes culinarias para Carolinay la geotermia para mí.

Mi proyecto personal durante el viaje consistirá en recorrer, aprender y reportar sobre los principales proyectos de exploración y explotación del cinturón de fuego americano con foco en Utah, Nevada, California, México, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, El Salvador, Costa Rica y Chile. Todo comenzará el 4 de octubre desde Salt Lake City, Utah, inmediatamente después 2017 Geothermal Resources Council meeting

Tengo muchas ideas de cómo abordar el proyecto, que énfasis darle y que productos, información y registros generar. Sin embargo, siento la necesidad de discutirlos con mi red comunitaria para escuchar opiniones y generar discusión.

Si actualmente, o en el pasado participaste o estudiaste cualquiera de estos lugares, cualquier consejo, sugerencia, orientación o ayuda será muy agradecida. Contactos, autorizaciones, lugares donde estacionar nuestra casa rodante o simplemente una oportunidad para juntarse y conversar en torno a una rica comida.

Source: LinkedIn post by Nicolás Reyes