Geothermal energy associations on social media – lets collaborate

Geothermal energy associations on social media – lets collaborate Social Media #Geothermal
Alexander Richter 23 Nov 2017

Social media is an incredibly important tool in the promotion of geothermal energy. Lets make sure we as an industry collaborate and connect wherever we can.

The New Zealand Geothermal Association just announced having increased its presence on social media, having created a Facebook page and a Twitter account … we say congratulations – and “about time”. 😉

But in all seriousness, congratulations and we hope to see more from you with regards to the activities of New Zealand and its geothermal energy sector on social media.

Today, we can likely name only a handful of geothermal organisations that are really active on social media. Some have been active longer than others, but all have in common that they are promoting geothermal energy, what it has to offer and often represent specific countries or groups.

This is great and we have to encourage more of the organisations to come online. As an industry we need to connect and join hands in promoting geothermal energy. Make sure to follow each other, share your social media posts, comment, be active and create content.

Social media naturally can only be a successful channel if used correctly.

Here a great article that provides some great guidance: A Strategic Guide to Social Media for Nonprofits

Key Points

  1. Define Social’s Role in Your Nonprofit’s Communications Strategy
  2. Determine What You Want to Accomplish
  3. Identify Your Target Audience
  4. Choose the Right Networks
  5. Create a Content Strategy
  6. Put Engagement First
  7. Empower Your Advocates & Cross-Promote Your Content
  8. Track & Measure Your Results

Most important, remember to listen and create a habit of strategy and measurement. It is crucial to evaluate and learn from what works and what does not and helps to get best possible results.

Naturally it is important what audience you are targeting, or want to reach on behalf of your organisations – general public, industry, stakeholders, politicians or potential buyers. All require slightly different angles in the approach and social media platform. While Facebook provides a great access it is also very much a black hole if you want to reach specific players. LinkedIn on the other hand is a tool tailored towards the business community …


Maybe keep this in mind:

“It’s important to set reasonable expectations and know that social media and content marketing is a long game. You’re not going to put one post out there and instantly get hundreds of dollars in donations. Like any good relationship, it’s all about communication over time.” – Bridgett Colling, See3 Communications

So lets work together on giving geothermal energy the voice it deserves. Collaborate with other organisations, share and like their content.

ThinkGeoEnergy works as a channel in this context as well. Understand it as a tool for you, your organisation or company. Prepare content and share this with us. As the predominant and most read geothermal publication online, no other platform provides you accesss to the global geothermal industry like ThinkGeoEnergy.

Otherwise if you have questions about social media strategy or recommendations based on what has worked well for your organization,  be in touch.

Otherwise make sure to use hashtags, e.g. these here