Geothermal energy for 10,000 homes in Champs-sur-Marne and Noisiel, Paris/ France

This geothermal project, located in the Descartes city of Champs-sur-Marne, represents a 19 km heating network (source: Engie)
Alexander Richter 14 Jan 2020

The new geothermal district heating system planned at Champs-sur-Marne will supply heating for 10,000 homes when ready. The project and drilling was kicked off in December 2019.

Inaugurated in December 2019 at the Cité Descartes (Champs-sur-Marne), a heating network operated by GéoMarne, a subsidiary of Engie, should make it possible to supply, with 82% renewable energy, ten neighborhoods of Champs- sur-Marne and Noisiel (Seine-et-Marne), or around 10,000 equivalent accommodation, and to operate the future aquatic center in Champs-sur-Marne.

This project, led by the Paris-Vallée de la Marne urban community (CAPVM) and its public service delegate GéoMarne (local subsidiary of the Engie Group), represents a 19 km heating network and an investment of 40 million euros. It was launched last December, in the presence of Paul Miguel, president of the CAPVM, Maud Tallet, mayor of Champs-sur-Marne, Carole le Call, CEO of Engie France networks, and Pierre Hourcade, president of Géomarne.

The drilling has already started and should last three months, for a commissioning of the geothermal network planned for the end of the year 2021. Ultimately, it must allow to supply, with renewable energy at 82%, a dozen districts of Champs sur Marne and Noisiel, or around 10,000 equivalent accommodation, and to operate the future aquatic center of Champs-sur-Marne.

“This project fully contributes to the development objectives of renewable energies in favor of the zero carbon transition: geothermal energy, a natural, local and renewable resource, will supply 82% of the heating network. It will thus allow the citizens of the territory of the CAPVM to benefit from a heat with low environmental impact ”, underlines Engie.


Engie Solutions has chosen to open the project to local citizens via a crowdfunding system, which reflects its desire to strengthen the territorial anchoring of the project by involving local residents in its success. Lumo, a crowdfunding platform serving the energy transition, will be in charge of the success of this fundraising by relying on its community of users and its distribution network. Residents of the CAPVM, and more broadly Ile-de-France residents, can invest their savings in this innovative installation since December 2019. From November 4, 2019, Internet users were invited to read the project and the procedure investment on the Lumo site and to “like” the page to be informed of its news.  Information on geothermie-de-la-marne

The GéoMarne network in figures:

  • Geothermal drilling at – 1,900 m
  • 10,000 housing equivalents
  • EUR 40 million investment (ca. USD 45 million)
  • 19 km of network
  • 82% renewable energy
  • Environmental impact: – 25,000 TCO2 / year, i.e. 17,000 vehicles avoided per year

Source: Le Journal du Grande Paris