Geothermal energy has potential to supply 35% of El Salvador energy demand

Geothermal energy has potential to supply 35% of El Salvador energy demand Berlin geothermal power plant, El Salvador (source:
Carlo Cariaga 4 Oct 2022

During the High-Level Meeting of the GGA in El Salvador, CEL President Daniel Alvarez stated that geothermal energy can grow to cover 35% of the country's energy mix.

Geothermal energy can provide enough capacity to support 35% of the energy mix of El Salvador. This is according to a statement made by Daniel Alvarez, President of the Hydroelectric Commission of Lempa River (CEL) during the High-Level Meeting of the Global Geothermal Alliance of the International Renewable Energy Agency (IRENA) held in El Salvador,

“Geothermal energy is a quarter of our demand and we have the capacity to reach 35% of the matrix in the short and medium term. We are positioning ourselves as leaders in geothermal energy; the world is seeing El Salvador with different eyes,” said Alvarez.

“We have a center of excellence where many have come for training. We want to create a study center to continue training our young people in what we know about geothermal energy and plants. We showed world delegates the operation and maintenance of the Berlin Geothermal Plant.” Alvarez added. We had previously reported on the plans of El Salvador to establish an International Centre of Excellence for Geothermal to be administered by LaGeo, a subsidiary of CEL.

With the country’s capacity to generate its own energy, El Salvador has no need for energy imports. Instead, El Salvador exports energy. Also included in El Salvador’s renewable energy mix are solar power (6 to 7 percent) and hydroelectric power (up to 62% during rainy season).

This is the first time that the congress has been held in El Salvador. With 45 delegations in attendance, the summit helps bring investment and share knowledge with El Salvador for geothermal development and research.

Source: Diario El Salvador