Geothermal heat project in Palling, Bavaria to start drilling in early 2021

Geothermal heat project in Palling, Bavaria to start drilling in early 2021 Daldrup drilling rig on site in Geretsried, Germany (source: Daldrup & Söhne AG)
Alexander Richter 30 Nov 2020

With permits for setting up the drill site and drilling, the geothermal heating project in Palling, Bavaria is now setting up to start drilling in the spring of 2021.

After Taching and Kirchanschöring, the Southern Bavaria Mining Authority also approved the main operating plan the planned geothermal plant in Palling, Bavaria, Germany. It contains numerous requirements to safely protect people, the environment and groundwater from all possible negative effects.

Palling is the third geothermal project in the Traunstein district that received approval this year. This is a prerequisite for the construction of the drilling site and the drilling of up to six wells at this location. The project developer had to have numerous reports drawn up and documents submitted in advance. The Mining Authority then decided whether the plans could be approved and which conditions had to be observed.

Protecting groundwater and the environment is an extremely important issue when approving geothermal drilling. For example, the South Bavarian Mining Authority is calling for standpipes to extend into the Tertiary rock layers in order to definitely rule out any contamination of the groundwater. In addition, only low-emission equipment may be used and the construction work must be accompanied and monitored ecologically during the entire construction period. Amphibious fences protect migrating toads, for example, and a minimized lighting concept serves to protect against insects.

Furthermore, the establishment of a seismic monitoring network is required, which records all vibrations in the subsoil around the boreholes and the subsequent geothermal power plant. In addition, financial security deposits and comprehensive insurance cover must be submitted for approval.

The extensive document that approves the main operating plan also regulates in detail how noise protection or trouble-free traffic on the district road is to be guaranteed, or in what form the plantings must be made to compensate for the encroachments on nature.

The government of Upper Bavaria makes the operating plan documents available for general inspection on its website. You can find them at: 

The Erdwärme Chiemgau GmbH should start with the preparation of the drilling site immediately. However, due to the approaching frost period, work cannot start until spring. After construction of the drilling site, drilling will begin in summer 2021. Commissioning of the power plant is planned for the end of 2023. The well-known and experienced Daldrup & Söhne AG is designated as the contractor for the drilling work, which last summer successfully completed six geothermal wells in Munich-Sendling for Stadtwerke München.

Gregor Gruber, Managing Director of Erwärme Chiemgau, is confident of the further development of the project due to the approval of the main operating plan: “The approval for up to six deep boreholes gives us the opportunity to use the capacity of the permitted field flexibly and in addition to generating climate-friendly electricity to offer a considerable potential of district heating for interested municipalities or private customers. The project can thus make an important contribution to CO2-emission-free electricity and heat production in the Traunstein district. “

Source: TiefeGeothermie