Geothermal heating networks expanded with EU funds in Zakopane, Poland

Geothermal heating networks expanded with EU funds in Zakopane, Poland View over Zakopane, Poland (source: flickr/ Francisco Manzano, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 23 Sep 2019

With EU funding, Geotermia Podhalanska has been able to expand its geothermal district heating network in Zakopane, Poland helping to decrease emissions and improve air quality.

New connections in Zakopane and in the municipalities of Poronin, Bialy Dunajec and Szaflary were created thanks to EU funds. The total value of the project was over PLN 9 million (ca EUR 2 million), half of which comes from the EU funds. In addition to the new connections, also a new pumping station was added.

“In the near future we will connect another 150 recipients in this area. Currently, Geotermia Podhalanska has major development plans towards Nowy Targ, which is why the deepest geothermal borehole in Poland with a depth of 7,000 m in Szaflary is being created (we reported). Our company pursues development policy in two directions. On the one hand we connect recipients, but we are also investing in increasing production capacity and making new wells to secure the source heat, “explained Ignacok.

He added that the largest customers of the geothermal heating plant in Podhale are individual clients using the network for their needs heating single-family homes. Ignacok explained that for heating a house with an exemplary size of 200 sq.m and geothermal heat water utility, statistical recipient pays annually about PLN 5,000 (ca EUR 1,145)

The Chief Inspector for Environmental Protection Pawel Ciecko stated that in 2007 Zakopane was struggling with high air pollution.

“Now Zakopane is in the absolute avant-garde in Poland when it comes to air purity. There has been the greatest reduction of air emissions and the most rapid improvement in air quality in recent years. It is thanks to the development of the geothermal network. If new connections are made at this rate buildings to the geothermal network and we will be enjoying the natural benefit here, which is geothermal energy, Zakopane will be able to become a health resort, “said Ciecko.

Source: Biznes.Interia