Geothermal lease at South Meager Creek, British Columbia has been renewed

Geothermal lease at South Meager Creek, British Columbia has been renewed Well MC6 being flowtested at Meager Creek, BC/ Canada (source: Western GeoPower)
Alexander Richter 25 Jun 2018

The geothermal lease for the South Meager Creek geothermal prospect has been renewed by the Province of British Columbia. Seen as one of the potentially largest prospects for geothermal development in Canada, it was the site of the first geothermal pilot plant back run for 40 days in 1984, but has since seen several unsuccessful attempts for development of a commercial-sized project.

In an announcement shared before the weekend, Meager Creek Development Corporation reports that Honourable Michelle Mungall, Minister of Energy, Mines, and Petroleum Resources in the Province of British Columbia in Canada, has renewed lease number 44507 under the Geothermal Resources Act of the Province of British Columbia, Canada, till December 17, 2037.

The South Meager geothermal resource has been extensively investigated using exploration techniques and the drilling of numerous temperature gradient wells, deep slim wells and full-diameter wells. The results of these explorations indicate the presence of a geothermal reservoir with an aerial extent to 7.5 km² with an average temperature of 240°C and maximum measured temperature of 275°C.

These attributes identify South Meager as a ‘high temperature’ field and a ‘major geothermal site’. GeothermEx, a Schlumberger Company, has concluded South Meager has a probable capacity to support a 200 MW power facility.

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The Meager Creek geothermal site has seen several development efforts. An exploratory well MC1 was drilled discharging 200°C two phase geothermal fluids and the first Canadian geothermal power pilot plant was successfully tested for 40 days in 1984 with the discharge from the MC1 well. Back in 2001, Canadian developer Western GeoPower started of with plans to develop the South Meager project, then though focusing on a project in California.

To the south of the South Meager site is another prospect, called North Meager (Pebble Creek Prospect).

The Meager Creek prospects face some challenges with an emphasis on a large scale hydro project by the province’s utility BC Hydro and an apparent lack of interest to geothermal development, despite its potential.

Source: AEnergy by email