Geothermal lease sale, Mineral County, Nevada – October 2017

Geothermal lease sale, Mineral County, Nevada – October 2017 Hawthorne, Mineral County, Nevada (Source: Flickr, Ken Lund, Creative Commons)
Parker O'Halloran 8 Jun 2017

U.S. Department of the Interior, Bureau of Land Management is conducting a geothermal lease sale in Nevada.

The Bureau of Land Management (BLM), Carson City District, Stillwater Field Office in Nevada, U.S., has completed an Environmental Assessment (EA) for the Mineral County Parcels, October 2017.

Geothermal Lease Sale, EA# DOI-BLM-C010-2017-0025-EA. The BLM is also seeking public input under Section 106 of the National Historic Preservation Act for the Project. This includes seeking information and identifying historic properties in or near the Project parcel areas. The EA will be available for public review and comment until June 30, 2017.

The EA analyzes the impacts to the human and natural environment from leasing of fluid mineral resources on public lands located in Mineral County, Nevada. Issuance of geothermal leases confers on the lessee a right to future exploration and development of the resource within the lease area. However, leasing geothermal resources does not confer on the lessee the right to proceed with any ground-disturbing activities related to exploring for or developing geothermal resources. Issuance of geothermal leases could have indirect impacts because such leasing represents a commitment of resources, and it is reasonably expected that subsequent exploration, development, and closeout would occur. Proposals for exploration and/or development would be examined for conformance with the land use plan and analyzed through a separate site-specific environmental analysis at the time the proposals are submitted.

The office proposes to lease two parcels covering approximately 5,763 acres of public land in Mineral County, Nevada. Lease Parcels NV-17-10-007 and NV-17-10-008 are located south of the community of Hawthorne, Nevada in the area of Whisky Flat. State highway 359 essentially bisects the parcels and serves as the boundary between BLM managed public lands to the east and USFS managed public lands to the west. The Proposed Action only involves the portion of the two lease parcels within the BLM managed public lands, approximately 2,759 acres of the total.

Source: U.S. Department if the Interior, Bureau of Land Management