Geothermal One to build 30MW plant in Neuquen, Argentina

Landscape in Neuquén province, Argentina (source: flickr/ fainmen, creative commons)
Alexander Richter 27 Aug 2010

Canadian geothermal company Geothermal One is going to develop a 30MW geothermal project in the province of Neuquen in the south of Argentina.

“Geothermal One of Canada is to build a 30 MW geothermal power plant in Argentina’s province of Neuquen in the south of the country”, so news from Canada.

“The company will use steam from the Las Mellissa deposit in order to generate 230 GWh a year, which equals to 25 per cent of the region’s electricity consumption, according to government sources.

Local authorities have been studying the feasibility of the project since 1973.

Geothermal one is also expected to build a 132 kV line to connect the plant to the power grid, the governor of Argentina’s Neuquen province, Jorge Sapsago, was quoted as saying by ADP Renewable Energy Track.

Investment in the project is expected be around US$100m (EUR76.2m), Sapsago said.”

Source: PowerGen Worldwide