Geothermal pilot optimization unit set up for Geo Dipa

Geothermal pilot optimization unit set up for Geo Dipa Thorsteinn Sigmarsson of Mannvit on site at Dieng, Indonesia (source: video screenshot, Mannvit/ Geo Dipa)
Alexander Richter 14 Sep 2021

In a recently started pilot water treatment plant, the silica deposits at the site of the planned expansion of the Dieng geothermal plant in Indonesia are being tackled.

In Indonesia, Icelandic engineering group Mannvit in cooperation with its Indonesian partner CBN, Kemía and Iceland GeoSurvey (ÍSOR) has been working on the construction of a geothermal pilot optimization unit in preparation for a planned expansion of PT Geo Dipa Energi’s geothermal operations for the past 12 months.

Optimization Unit (POU) from Water Treatment Plant on the title and also the first paragraph will be sufficient. we are happy that you mention Dieng so no need to revise it.


This summer, the experimental station went into operation, which is intended to test the treatment of the geothermal water in order to reduce silicon deposits before the construction of the geothermal power plant Dieng 2 begins. The role of the Icelandic consultants is to provide a complete solution, including design, production, operation and training. operation of the plant.

The operation of the experimental station has been brilliantly successful, according to Thorsteinn Sigmarsson, a geothermal expert at Mannvit who has worked extensively in the design and installation of the station, which is located in Dieng. The operation of Dieng 1, which is already in place, has been significantly affected by silicon deposits, so Geo Dipa Energi got the consulting group from Iceland to join it before designing the next phase of the power plant. Mannvit maintains an office in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Source: Mannvit